Apr 12

How to build a portable stage?

A portable Rent stages can be the solution to a variety of situations: from holiday celebrations, graduations to musical and theatrical performances. The stages that are marketed are extremely expensive. However, using relatively simple construction techniques, you are able to build your own portable stage that will help a lot of presentations. It will be more accessible both in price and materials needed for its construction. The amount of materials vary with the size of the stage (number of platforms), but the standard format presented here consists of platforms 4 x 8 ft (1.20 mx 2.40 m).


  • Place two pieces of wood on the floor in total length (8ft ø 20cm) parallel edges on 2in (5cm) and then place the timber perpendicular to the two parallel, making contact with the edges parallel to the timber. Place one at each end of the parallel timber and one to two feet (60 cm) away from each boundary. This would result in a rectangle of 4×8 feet (1.20 x 2.40m), the edges of 2 inches (5cm) actually measure 1.5 inches (3.8cm), with three separate to a distance of 2 feet (60cm) supports.
  • Drill holes slightly smaller than the reference threaded portions of your screws 3 inches (7.5 cm) on the side of one of the pieces of 8-foot (20 cm) to an inch (1.25cm) within the piece cut , then insert a screw fit with one another. The pilot reference holes or thing held timber which is not removed during screwing. Drill two holes and insert two screws for each piece together to the ends of the boards of 8ft (2.4m). This will be part of your platform.
  • Align your plywood on top of the frame and screw it to the frame with screws 1.25 inches (3 cm) every 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38cm). Then adjust the corners and filled the rest. Make sure the screw tip from sinking into the wood.
  • Determine how high you want your stage and then subtract the current thickness of the plywood, which can measure something like 0.75 inches (2cm).
  • Turn your stage and place the L-shaped columns in each corner of the platform. Then press the c-clamp to stay in place. Adjust the remaining two columns with the clip near the middle of the edge of the platform and drill two holes for each bolt.
  • Remove all bolts to disarm the stage and saves the platforms and columns separately.

Revostage.co.uk is the UK based company offers the best quality stages and risers at affordable price. Hire portable stages, school risers and other accessories to make your shoe more successful. Enjoy the PARTY!

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Apr 12

Long Distance Movers to Move Your Belongings to Faraway Locations

If you’re planning to move long distance, the biggest question you’re probably thinking about is “where do I start?” Long Distance Movers are simple to find, but selecting a licensed long distance movers can pose an issue if you’re not sure where to look. Everybody wants to find a moving company that can handle the job without the headache of hidden cost and most importantly, ending with damaged or lost goods. Movers are a good way to reduce your stress and organize your work load when the time comes for you to relocate.  When you require to relocate, whether it’s due to a new job or you purchased a new home, home moving companies offer a variety of moving services that can make your moving a breeze.

Selecting long distance movers can be boring and time consuming. Moving a long distance provides its own set of complications as compared to local moves that are simple enough on their own with a rental truck. Lots of people decide that they’re going to handle every factor of their move on their own. The logic behind this way of thinking is strictly to save cash by doing all the work themselves. The truth is, if you sit back and calculate the costs of moving everything yourself, you might be shocked to find that savings incurred by moving everything yourself are often minimal.

Professional Long Distance Movers will give you with a personal moving consultant – a professional who can help you step-by-step with your long distance moving program. Regardless of whether you just need your belongings to be moved from one location or another, or if you need more comprehensive services for example packing, cleaning, moving a vehicle, customs and immigration paperwork, a skilled long-distance movers can handle all your requirements.

SmallMovesVancouvers Moving Services has a team of certified moving coordinators who specialize in long distance moving planning. Your moving coordinator is your point of contact for the whole duration of your move, which assists provide a streamlined experience that isn’t offered by many movers. All of our long distance moving estimates include the standard services needed to complete your move. Their moving quotes include taxes, tolls, loading and unloading, fuel, blanket-wrapping of your furniture, reassembly and disassembly of your furniture, and standard value coverage. Their long distance movers also are capable of providing a full packing as well as unpacking service. Additionally they offer many other moving services that can make your move simpler. Visit smallmovesvancouver.com or call at (604) 800-2736.

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Apr 10

The Importance of Responsive Web Design In WordPress

Talking about Responsive Web Design is very common in discussions about web design and administration. The most accurate translation of the term would be “Adaptive Web Design”, and this refers to the ability of some web designs accommodate the device that is displayed.

This new trend arises from the widespread use of mobile devices as a means of connection to browse the Internet. Fortunately, the internet has a wide range of themes for WordPress (graphical structures) that incorporate this feature. You can post optimized content on your Mobil Hemsida without having special skills for each device to display that page design.

Responsive Web Design for WordPress

A site with a responsive web design meets the needs of all those who visit your blog or WordPress website. Your site is visible from a cell does not mean that is optimized, it may be that the elements are not strategically placed on the screen, resulting in effectively no access site options as you would on a computer.

Some of the main benefits of using a responsive web design in WordPress would be:

  • Improved load time when accessing the site from a mobile device
  • A significant visual improvement, text size and distribution of graphics
  • Better navigation, because the buttons are sized according to the needs of a touch screen

Reasons To Implement This Technology In WordPress

Implement a Web Design Responsive WordPress besides being very simple, and affordable, it also presents many benefits from the point of view of usability and user experience. We must also consider the current boom in the use of mobile devices.

When implementing a responsive web design on a blog or WordPress website, it will open the doors to a lot of public captive previously had no access due to the technological limitations. The era of mobile devices has caused a revolution really making computing much more human.

To implement a responsive web design in a WordPress blog, you usually use those Web Responsive Themes that can be found both in the official WordPress.org Themes Directory, and other paid membership sites.  But you must not forget the use of custom themes created responsive web from professional web design and development companies.

Bevace Media is one of them who offer Responsive Web Design for your WordPress website so that you can enjoy the full advantage of this technological world. More earnings – More Success!

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Apr 10

How to get more Facebook likes on business page ?

Social media is becoming increasingly important, not only for individuals, but also for businesses. Your presence on social media is very important. Does your company already have its own Facebook page, but few Facebook users find your page? Do not worry, you will find some tips and tricks to extend them. The term ‘fans’ descended from the early years of Facebook (2004) when the button’ become a fan’ was prominently placed on the page. Over the years, this button is then replaced by the ‘like’ button.

Buy Facebook Likes by FBLikes.se

Obviously the fastest way to get likes is buy Facebook likes. Keep in mind that it is much more a real fan than a fake fan.

10 tips to get more likes:

  1. Invite your friends;
  2. Share your page on your personal profile;
  3. Provide a like box on your website;
  4. Integrate the link to your Facebook page in your emails and your business cards;
  5. Promote your page offline;
  6. Put an ad campaign;
  7. Create fan-only, interactive and good content;
  8. Spread updates to your page through social media;
  9. Provide a like button on each article on your site;
  10. Advertise on Facebook. 

Invite your friends

Because users already have a large network of friends, it is very easy to invite to become a fan of your page. Please note that don’t invite all of your friends, but only those who belong to your target audience. They will automatically receive a message asking you to become a fan of your page. This is one of the most efficient ways to get more fans.

Share your Facebook page

This option can be found under ‘public setting”. This allows you to easily share your page with all your friends. Before you share the page, you have to remember a short and powerful text to write that attracts people to click on your page. Then you can choose whether you share your page on your own timeline or a timeline of a friend. You can also share and send a private message.

Provide a like box on your website

A Likebox is a collection box in which users can see how many fans your. Such a box is completely free and you can create it yourself with the specified code. Integrate your Facebook page in your emails and on your business cards.

If you find it difficult then call on the social media experts, visit website fblikes.se or email at info@fblikes.se to contact.

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